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The title was carefully selected as it relates to the hair pick in the painting, the dandelions, and the dominoes. As a child I remember how much I enjoyed recess and how my friends and I would pick the dandelions and blow wishes . This piece is titled “Hand Picked” depicting a black young boy/king. In this piece, I reference a number of childhood memories and nostalgic moments. A unique example is in the multiple colored dominos that frame this piece. Growing up in the Caribbean often times the game of dominos was used as a way to pass time as well as engage with family and friends. You’d select each tile carefully, place them strategically, in order to win the game. The teal green background color of the piece references the old school green chalk boards I used to see and use in grade school. Further more the dandelions represent hope, transformation, and strength. My choice to use a flower that is considered a weed, is deliberate. As it challenges the narrative that often gets forced on young black men. Even through unpleasant circumstances we should all dream and live life to its fullest.

Piece comes ready to hang with a satin varnish finish and a certificate of authenticity. You have an option to add a resin finish via my website.

Hand Picked

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