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Commission Art 

For portraits, the client is responsible for sending the reference picture(s) for commissioned piece(s) no later than 2 days after sending the payment. In addition, all customers are responsible for communicating all ideas about the piece and/or reference pictures. For both custom paintings and portraits, clients cannot change the reference photos, ideas, or add different ideas once their  piece is in progress. The artist choosing the reference photo is also an option. Please allow between 2 to 8 weeks for painting completion. Time may vary depending on how many commissions are ahead of you. Please note that I only create portraits. 

Please email for all commission request



Acrylic painting only. No embellishments or 3D elements

i.e. Acrylic paint only



Acrylic painting with signature cowrie shells (metallic leaf, glitter accents)

i.e. Acrylic paint, cowrie shells, glitter

IMG_6205 (1).jpg


Acrylic painting with multiple mixed media elements with a resin finish (i.e. gold leaf, cowrie shells, fabric, jewels, beads, crystals, glitter etc)  

i.e. Acrylic paint, cowrie shells, beads, acrylic jewels, silk fabric, peacock feathers

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