I admire Cardi's ability to be who she is no matter how people perceive her. This painting is of Cardi B, during the 2018 Met Gala when she was pregnant with her daughter Kulture. This painting captures the undeniable beauty Cardi was exuding that night. The name of the piece is inspired by a twist of the Cinderella story (from rags to riches). Cardi b explains this in her hit single "Best Life". The pearl dress inludes both hand painted pearls as well as individually placed real pearls. This piece also incorporates pink and red jewels on her crown to add to the overal glam of the entire piece. The painting is also coated with resin for extra shine.


This painting is constructed on a 36x48 canvas, which is equaliant to 3x4ft. The canvas is gallery wrapped, with a 0.75in wood frame profile and ready to hang.