Here's how to get started:

Guidelines For Specific & Complex Custom Work

Please email to place a custom order. I price based on the complexity of your design, so your idea must be clear and concise. If you do not have a clear idea please provide me with reference photos of what you had in mind and I will take it from there. All orders require a 50% non-refundable deposit. You may pay the rest after completion of the art work, and before shipping. Please allow 2-4 weeks (may come sooner) for request completion. 

Step 1: Choose a photo. Photo must be clear and a head shot. The better the quality photo the better your portrait will be. You can message me up to 5 (max) photos and I'll choose or you can choose one.

Step 2: Pick a canvas size. Generally, I recommend choosing either 24x30, 24x36 or 30x40 for canvas sizes for portraits.  Please refer to the shop tab for single portrait commissions to get a visual idea of the size you wish to have.


Step 3: (optional) Customize - choose a background, option 1 solid (one color), option 2 textured ( i.e. glitter, shells, crystals, gems), option 3 extra (i.e. butterflies or text). Finish- matte finish, glossy finish, resin finish? Please refer to my gallery/shop to get an idea of what background/finish you prefer. Note if you do not wish to choose I will use my creative license to determine what looks best with your particular request.

Step 4: After including the specifics of what you desire a quote will be sent back to you via email. 

** Please note, that the turn around time may vary based on the size , level of detail, and prior orders placed before your order. If you are ordering a portrait, you will be charged $30-$50 per additional face**